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  • Weight Management Test

    Weight Management Test

    Description Weight management is harder than rocket science unless you know the genes that can help you control your appetite and metabolism. With this knowledge, you can adjust your food choices and the type of exercise you ... More Info
  • save-30 Non-Gmo ADRB2 Program

    ADRB2 Program

    Mutations on this gene can reduce the impact of exercise on weight control. Carbohydrates are especially connected with obesity or weight gain. Phase 2® Green Tea Hx® Grape Seed Extract ... More Info
  • save-30 Non-Gmo FABP2 Program

    FABP2 Program

    A mutation of this gene can contribute to increased fat and cholesterol absorption from your food and also the possibility of increased storage of fat on your body and reduced insulin sensitivity contributing to an increased ... More Info
  • save-30 Non-Gmo FTO Program

    FTO Program

    A mutation in this gene (fat mass and obesity gene) is a strong genetic risk factor for obesity and affects appetite regulation (you eat but do not feel satisfied) calorie intake, and food craving. Phase 2® CLA Green Tea ... More Info
  • save-30 Non-Gmo MC4R Program

    MC4R Program

    A mutation of this gene can affect the regulation of insulin, your metabolism, appetite control and food craving, and carbohydrate metabolism. Carriers of the variant have trouble suppressing their appetite, snack frequently, ... More Info
  • save-30 Non-Gmo SH2B1 Program

    SH2B1 Program

    Mutations on this gene can affect insulin balance and leptin production. Insulin helps control blood sugar and Leptin is important in regulating appetite and satiety (feeling satisfied after eating). Mutations can contribute ... More Info
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