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Weight Management Program




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Weight Management Program

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Weight management can be extremely difficult. Turn to clinically studied nutrients to help keep your body (and the scale) happy and healthy.†

The Weight Management Program Contains:

  • Weight Management Powder
  • Green Tea Fat Burner
  • Phase 2 Starch & Carb Neutralizer

Weight Management Powder
Weight Management Powder can be used to replace or supplement one or more meals per day. It is designed for individuals on a diet or weight loss program, or picky eaters who are not consuming proper nutrition through food. Formulated with non-GMO soy and whey protein isolate, this product includes a variety of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals your body requires for optimal health and wellness. It contains an antioxidant protective base formula with a powerful blend of herbal ingredients that offer antioxidant protection throughout the body. Weight Management Powder is also a complete multivitamin, mineral formula that includes vision-protecting nutrients. This formula is very high in protein and fiber, yet low in fat and calories.†

For more information on Weight Management Powder, including podcast episodes, videos and research, click here.

Green Tea Fat Burner
Green tea is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants, offering a diverse range of benefits that support energy, metabolism and overall weight management. EGCG or Epigallocatechin Gallate (Green tea’s main component) gives Green tea its health-promoting and protective properties. EGCG has been studied for its ability to increase fat oxidation, which contributes to a lean body mass. A satiating and soluble fiber called Slendesta, derived from Potato Extract, is included in this formula to help you feel full and may help in the regulation of digestion when trying to lose weight. Anhydrous caffeine increases thermogenesis (fat burn) and calorie-burning with less caffeine than a cup of coffee. Proteinase Inhibitor 2 (PI2) assists in the fat-burning capability of this unique supplement.†

  • Slendesta­™ is a safe,clinically studied natural potato protein-based dietary supplement ingredient that boosts satiety to help you feel full without any unpleasant side effects.

For more information on Green Tea Fat Burner, including podcast episodes, videos and research, click here.

Phase 2® Starch & Carb
Phase 2® is a unique and beneficial nutrient that’s derived from the white kidney bean. It has a variety of researched health benefits, particularly for weight control. As part of the digestive process, carbohydrates from foods high in starch, such as pasta or bread, are naturally converted into sugar by your body. If you don’t burn off that sugar, it becomes stored as body fat. The unused calories from excess sugar often cause weight gain, since they remain in your body and aren’t used as fuel.†

  • Phase 2® is the first nutritional ingredient scientifically proven through human studies with undisputed claims not objected to by government agencies
  • Does not contain stimulants

 For more information on Phase 2® Starch & Carb, including podcast episodes, videos and research, click here.

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Weight Management Powder, Phase 2® Carb Controller, Trim Hx®

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Weight Management Program

Weight management can be extremely difficult.

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