Viral Hepatitis, Heavy Drinking and Diabetes all Risk Factors for Liver Cancer

Sep 20, 2004

Researchers at the USCLA examined the possible cause of liver cancer in 295 patients with this cancer and compared them to 435 individuals who were cancer free. Chronic hepatitis B virus infection increased the risk of liver cancer, but chronic hepatitis C infection increased liver cancer risk even more. Surprisingly, modest drinking decreased the risk (in this study) vs. nondrinkers, but being a heavy drinker significantly increased the risk.

Having diabetes increased your risk 3-fold, but heavy drinking with diabetes increased your risk 17-fold. Viral hepatitis with diabetes or viral hepatitis with heavy alcohol consumption increased your risk of developing liver cancer by a whopping 48-fold. The study appears in the September 1st issue of the journal Cancer.

Botox Injection Helps Some Tinnitus Sufferers, Hinders Others

In a small study including 26 patients with tinnitus,, a condition where the sufferer constantly hears ringing, hissing, or whooshing in the ear(s), a study was conducted top see if Botox injection would offer relief vs. a placebo injection. The patients were given a series of 3 Botox injections or placebo, after 4 months the individuals receiving placebo injection now received Botox or vice versa. 27% of the patients improved with Botox injection and 16% said the condition worsened. 8% improved with placebo injection. The study was presented this weekend in New York City at the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation annual meeting.