Ubiquinol – body ready Coenzyme Q10, may strongly protect the kidneys

October 11, 2010

Kidney specialists from the Department of Urology at the Graduate School of medicine, Tokyo university, tested the kidney-protecting effects of Ubiquinol, the most active version of Coenzyme Q10.

     Rats had part of their kidneys surgically removed (a hemi-nephrectomy) and were placed on a normal diet, a high salt diet, or a high salt diet plus Ubiquinol (body ready CoQ10) for four weeks. The high salt diet increased systolic blood pressure by one-third on average from 111 to 169 mmHg. Salt increased urinary albumin (protein) on average from 44 mcg per day to 2529 mcg per day. The Ubiquinol supplemented animals blood pressure was sustained at 144 mmHg and albumin was maintained at 256 mcg per day. Ubiquinol made the kidney function better and obviously protected the organ. The study is published on line ahead of print on September 28th, 2010 in the journal Clinical and Experimental Nephrology.