Ubiquinol – the body ready Coenzyme Q10, may lower bad cholesterol

March 09, 2011

    53 healthy men were supplemented with 150mg of Ubiquinol daily for two-weeks because recent research indicates that Ubiquinol affects genes including those involved with cholesterol levels. Average Coenzyme Q10 plasma levels increased by 4.8-fold within this short period. Ubiquinol affected genes of immune cells involved with inflammation and cell differentiation (this reduces cancer risk). Additionally Ubiquinol reduced LDL-cholesterol especially the more dangerous small-dense LDL-particles which are the more vicious form of LDL that contributes to atherogenesis (hardening of the arteries).  LDL-cholesterol dropped by 12.7 percent. The study is published January 2011 in the journal IUBMB Life.