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InVite Health

Ubiquinol CoQ10 - 60mg

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Ubiquinol CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an important energy-releasing nutrient produced naturally in the human body. Traditional CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) supplements may be difficult to absorb, because they must be reduced by the body into their active form before offering nutritional support.

In its active form, Ubiquinol allows the calories from food to be absorbed and utilized as energy supporting most of the body’s energy needs. However, many individuals, especially the elderly, have trouble metabolizing traditional CoQ10 supplements into active Ubiquinol form. Due to these absorption and metabolism issues, InVite provides an effective Ubiquinol CoQ10 supplement that is easily absorbed, allowing the body to reap the benefits much more quickly. Research shows that boosting CoQ10 levels supports brain health, heart health, oral health, kidneys, and hearing. It also helps boost muscle function and performance while decreasing fatigue and providing antioxidant protection.

InVite’s Ubiquinol CoQ10 has been shown to offer eight times higher blood levels than Ubiquinone and last twice as long (12 hours), providing sustained benefit. Our Ubiquinol CoQ10 supplement includes the heavily researched Kaneka QH™ brand of Ubiquinol, which is the only CoQ10 made in the US. InVite’s Ubiquinol CoQ10 provides 60mg of body-ready CoQ10 per capsule.  

Research shows that CoQ10 levels drop with age – this drop can start as early as the late twenties. InVite’s Ubiquinol CoQ10 supplement can help make up for this deficit and support energy needs at any age, and our Ubiquinol CoQ10 formula may be particularly helpful as an anti-aging supplement as CoQ10 levels become increasingly lower.

Research also shows that an effective CoQ10 supplement like Ubiquinol CoQ10 may help counteract the effects of many prescription medications, which often deplete the body’s Ubiquinol levels. Taking Ubiquinol CoQ10 along with these prescription medications can help combat these nutrient deficiencies – see our Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions Table for more information.

Benefits & Features:

  • Highly absorbable Ubiquinol CoQ10 supplement with 60mg of body-ready CoQ10 per capsule
  • Helps support brain health, heart health, oral health, hearing and kidneys
  • Boosts energy, muscle function and performance
  • Excellent antioxidant protection
  • Helps combat Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions due to prescription medications
  • Helpful for maintaining energy throughout the aging process
  • Made with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice)

    For great discounts, a superb assortment of top-grade vitamins, nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements, and access to our professional nutritionists, look no further – great health starts right here at InVite Health. To ask a question or to purchase your Ubiquinol CoQ10 today, call us at (800) 632-0541 or click here to find a store near you!

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    Ubiquinol CoQ10 - 60mg

    Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an important energy-releasing nutrient produced naturally in the human body.

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