Tocotrienols improve hair loss in eight-month study

July 14, 2014

Tocotrienols improve hair loss in eight-month study

“40 percent of supplemented subjects experienced a significant 50 percent increase in hair growth after 8 months”

     This small, state of the art clinical trail conducted at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Science Malaysia recruited male and female volunteers who suffered with the most common form of severe hair loss; alopecia androgenica or male pattern baldness.

The volunteers were given mixed tocotrienol capsules containing 50mg Tocomin®SupraBio™ twice a day for a period of 8 months (32 week). A second group of volunteers received look-alike but inactive placebo.

Measurements of hair count and weight of hair over a designated scalp area of 2x2 cm with obvious hair thinning were taken at baseline, at the four month point after the initiation with supplementation and again at the end of eight months.

At the end of 8 months, researchers recorded that 95% of the volunteers in the tocotrienol group experienced hair growth. With 40% having more than 50% hair re-growth, 5% had 25-50% re-growth, and 45% had 10-25% re-growth. The placebo group continued to have worsening of their hair loss. The results showed that, on average, tocotrienol supplementation with Tocomin®SupraBio™ for 8 months at 100mg per day increased hair growth by 34.5%.

Interestingly, the researchers feel the Tocotrienol didn’t help because of an effect on blocking DHT 9a problematic form of male hormone that leads to hair loss) but rather by acting as an antioxidant – anti-inflammatory agent in the hair follicle. Tocomax, the Tocotrienol used in the study is a patented extremely-absorbable Tocotrienol formulation using a patented delivery system. Carotech, the natural ingredient manufacturer, obtained the US patent (7,211,274) for the hair loss prevention, and hair re-growth benefits of the mixed tocotrienol complex.

     Carotech earlier announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted US Patent No. 7,211,274 for Tocomin®SupraBio™ as a novel hair growth formulation due to its proven efficacy.” “The bio-enhanced Tocomin®SupraBio™ natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex ensures an average of 250% increase in tocotrienol oral absorption which greatly assists in delivering a consistent supply of tocotrienols to different tissues.  

The results of the study entitled, “Effects of Tocotrienol Supplementation on Hair Growth in Human Volunteers”, is published in the journal Tropical Life Sciences Research, 21(2), 91-99, 2010.