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InVite Health

Tocotrienol + Pine Bark Extract

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Tocotrienol + Pine Bark Extract

60 Vegetarian Vcaps® Capsules

Vitamin E is made of 4 tocotrienols and 4 tocopherols. While d-alpha tocopherol is often considered the form with the most antioxidant potential, tocotrienols are actually slightly more common in our diet and have many diverse health benefits.

InVite®’s Tocotrienol supplements are water-soluble, meaning they offer superior absorption as compared to other tocotrienols which are normally fat-soluble and require dietary fats for absorption. These powerful antioxidants penetrate deeply into the fatty tissues of the brain – since the brain is made up of about 65% fats, it is able to quickly absorb and reap the maximum health benefits of tocotrienols. Research shows that tocotrienols, derived from red palm fruit oil, have potent protective benefits for the brain’s tiny blood vessels, for the white matter in the brain, and for overall brain health. Tocotrienols also are powerful protectors for the artery walls, the heart, the liver, and for sexual organs in both men and women. Pine bark extract is made from the maritime pine tree (Pinus pinaster) with proanthocyanidins. This ingredient protects acts as powerful cellular protector, penetrating deep into the brain and heart tissue to shield the cells and arteries from damage. It also offers great protection for the retina of the eyes.

InVite® Health Tocotrienol + Pine Bark Extract supplements include:

  • Pine Bark Extract, 50mg
  • Mixed Tocotrienols, 25mg (supplying alpha, beta, gamma and delta forms of Tocotrienols)
  • Vitamin E, 10 IU (33% DV)
  • Squalene, 4.1mg
  • Phytosterol Complex, 1mg
  • Tocomin®, 108mg (Tocomax 30%) 

Combining Tocotrienols with Pine Bark Extract offers free-radical protection for supporting optimal neurological wellness and cardiovascular health at any age, particularly helping for the elderly. This product is also an excellent source of Vitamin E, providing 33% DV. Squalene is included in this product to support the liver, skin, and improve nutrient transport to the brain, along with Phytosterol Complex to support borderline cholesterol, maintain clean arteries and enhance good digestion.

Ingredients provided in a Vegetarian Vcaps® capsule for superior absorption and bioavailability.

As a dietary supplement for adults take one (1) capsule once or twice a day with food, or use as directed by a healthcare professional.

To ask a question or to purchase your Tocotrienol + Pine Bark Extract, call us today at (800) 632-0541 or click here to find a store near you!

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Tocotrienol + Pine Bark Extract

60 Vegetarian Vcaps® Capsules

Vitamin E is made of 4 tocotrienols and 4 tocopherols.

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