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Staying healthy just got easier with our all natural InVite® Tx™ tinctures An abundance of scientific literature supports the many health benefits of the antioxidants and polyphenois found in teas, fruits, berries and herbs. We've extracted and standardized their most important nutrients into deliciously potent tinctures that are much more powerful than brewed teas and bottled drinks. Convenient and easy to use, our tinctures offer superior antioxidant and targeted support while you're at home, at work, at play and while traveling. Just add to water or any beverage and you'll create an optimal health mega-drink. With their mild flavors, the tinctures add an instant daily health boost foods such as cereals, desserts and salad dressings.

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  • Non-Gmo Green Tea Tx®

    Green Tea Tx®

    Herbal Vitamin Supplement Green Tea extract, with the addition of Vitamin C, provides cellular antioxidant protection and may help improve energy and endurance. Just 2 droppers of this green tea extract (mixed into water or ... More Info
  • Non-Gmo White Tea Tx®

    White Tea Tx®

    Herbal Supplement White Tea extract provides protective catechins that may help improve cellular protection. White tea antioxidants are among the strongest found in nature, offering protection for the circulatory system and other ... More Info
  • Non-Gmo Tranquil Tx®

    Tranquil Tx®

    Herbal Supplement Tranquil Tx®'s combination of three traditionally used herbs - Chamomile, Passionflower and Lemon Balm Base - exert a calming effect, reducing feelings of stress without causing sedation and is non-habit ... More Info
  • Non-Gmo BlueGranate Tx®

    BlueGranate Tx®

    Fruit Supplement BlueGranate Tx® contains two of nature's most powerful fruits - the blueberry and the pomegranate - in liquid, herbal tincture form. BlueGranate Tx® is a synergistic, encapsulated blend of standardized ... More Info
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