The evidence is clear and conclusive; Soy Isoflavones truly help prevent and treat osteoporosis

April 11, 2007

When you have a scan of your bones it tells you that you have lost bone and that you have developed the bone thinning conditions known as osteoporosis or the milder-earlier version known as osteopenia; bone thinning increases your risk of fracture. However, you cannot tell from the test if the bone loss is occurring now or has occurred previously. To find out if you are currently loosing bone your doctor will look at the level of deoxypyridinolone (Dpyr) in your urine. Dpyr is released from the bone when it is breaking down so a higher level shows that your bone loss is getting worse. Conversely, if the level drops then the therapy you are using to build bone is working.

In this review of existing studies, scientists only included those studies that were placebo-controlled and randomized and that monitored the level of Dpyr in the urine. Nine trials fit the selection criteria which included 432 people. If the study subjects consumed Soy Isoflavones, even at less than 90mg a day for as little as 12 weeks the level of Dpyr dropped significantly in the urine and markers in the blood that signify the building of bone also increased compared to placebo. The study is published on-line ahead of print in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.