Taking Collagen reduces wrinkling and improves skin health

May 12, 2009

Daily supplements of a hydrolysed collagen may improve skin hydration by 28% and reduce the wrinkles by 30% according to two new studies from Rousselot. Researches in France and Japan performed two double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised clinical studies. The French study involved 47 European women aged between 35 and 55, while the Japanese study involved 33 Asian women aged between 40 and 59. The European study lasted for 12 weeks in winter, while the Japanese study occurred at the same time and lasted for 8 weeks. In both studies, women ingested 10g of hydrolysed collagen every day, and their skin conditions were assessed by dermophysiological measures and self-assessment questionnaire.

According to the researchers, women receiving the collagen supplement experienced a 28% improvement in the skin hydration levels compared to placebo, with 91% of these women reporting increased skin hydration levels after eight weeks. Furthermore, the number of micro-relief furrows and deep wrinkles decreased by 26 and 30% compared with the placebo group, said the researchers. The supplement is available in powder form.