Support for Green Tea helping weight loss stacks up

February 16, 2010

     If you cull through the research there is a lot of support for Green Tea’s ability to trim belly fat. Green Tea has been studied extensively for its potential in the weight management category, with its most important compound EGCG highlighted as a key component. Science indicates that Green Tea’s EGCG increases energy metabolism (burning of calories) and fatty acid oxidation (burning of fat), inhibits adipogenesis (the swelling and formation of fat cells or increasing belly fat), increases the excretion of fat and reduces the absorption of some fats.
     According to the researchers from Penn State the studies “indicate that consumption of tea might promote weight loss, help maintain body weight following weight loss, and prevent the development of some diseases associated with obesity such as diabetes and fatty liver disease”. “The effective dose seems to be 3 to 10 cups of green tea per day” they added. The study is published online ahead of print in the Journal of Nutrition.