Sufficient Selenium lowers the risk of diabetes in men significantly

June 03, 2010

Researchers from INSERM along with others from leading research institutions tested the diabetes preventing effects of the mineral Selenium. This is because Selenium is reported to have a diabetes preventing effect due to a direct effect on blood sugar and the antioxidant activity of Selenium and Seleno-enzymes (Selenium based enzymes involved with many activities including those to do with Glutathione production and detoxification).

The researchers examined any effect Selenium had on dysglycemia (diabetes and impaired fasting glucose). The study included 1389 peo0ple aged 59 to 71 who were monitored for nine-years. The risk of diabetes or impaired fasting glucose was much lower in men with higher levels of selenium reducing the risk of dysglycemia by a powerful 52%. Selenium did not reduce dysglycemia risk in women appreciably. The study is published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, 2010, 7:21.