Stress causes fat cells to grow and multiply

July 05, 2007

NPY (neuropeptide Y) unlocks dormant receptor sites in fat cells, causing them to grow in size and multiply in number according to scientists at Georgetown University. It turns out that when you are stressed out you release NPY further connecting stress and obesity and this effect is mediated by cortisol; the stress hormone. The result is a metabolic type of syndromeIn the study stressed or unstressed mice were fed a standard diet, or a high-fat, high-sugar comfort food diet. The mice on the comfort food diet gained more weight than mice on the standard diet but the stressed out mice developed more body fat than the calm mice fed this same diet. When the scientists blocked the NPY receptor sites for two-weeks in the next phase of the study the stressed out mice lost 40% of their abdominal fat. This also reduced glucose intolerance and fatty deposits in their liver that was caused by the bad diet in conjunction with stress. The study is published in the July 1st, 2007 issue of Nature Medicine.

Both L-Carnitine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine improve male infertility and the rate of pregnancy significantly

Nine clinical trials were analyzed for evidence of an improvement in male infertility through the use of Carnitine in this meta-analysis. Comparing either L-Carnitine or Acetyl-L-Carnitine to inactive placebo found a significant improvement in pregnancy rates, total sperm motility, forward motion of sperm, and a reduction in atypical sperm cells. Semen volume was not affected. The review is published in the current issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition.