• Vitamin C helps you stay alive; fruit and vegetable study

    Aug 18, 2015
    The level of Vitamin C was connected to a lowered risk of developing heart disease or dying from it. Ischemic heart disease was diagnosed in 10,123 individuals and there were 8,477 deaths over the studies' follow-up period.
  • SOD significantly decreases stress and improves physical and mental fatigue

    Aug 14, 2015
    This latest clinical study further confirms and strengthens the quick and lasting efficiency of SOD B Extramel for improving daily performance, comfort and energy with a significant reduction in stress and physical fatigue, as well as an improvement of cognitive performances and overall life quality in people with extreme stress and fatigue.
  • ATP supplementation helps patients after knee replacement surgery

    Aug 13, 2015
    ATP is what our body uses for all of our energy. When we blink, taste, think and move, or consume energy in any other way, molecules of ATP release one phosphorus molecule and this gives us the energy to function.
  • Carotenoids Help prevent lethal and recurrent breast cancer

    Aug 12, 2015
    Carotenoids are pigments in vegetables and fruits. Examples of well known carotenoids include Lycopene, the pigment in tomato sauce that powerfully protects a mans prostate, a woman’s breasts, and the skin, or Lutein which is the most important carotenoid in the eyes and brain.