• L-Theanine helps the academic performance of anxious students

    May 04, 2011
    Japanese researchers recruited healthy University students and assessed their anxiety levels using the manifest anxiety scale (MAS). Students with high anxiety were put in one group, while students with minimal anxiety were put in another group. Both groups received water or water plus 200 mg of L-Theanine.
  • A low level of Vitamin D might explain why high blood pressure is so dangerous in African Americans

    May 03, 2011
    High blood pressure is more common and more deadly in African Americans than in Caucasian Americans representing thousands of additional deaths and strokes among people with darker skin. Researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center analyzed data from almost 2000 African Americans and 5,100 Caucasian Americans over the age of 20. They compared systolic blood pressure and Vitamin D levels in the participants.
  • Coenzyme Q10 may prevent damage to the liver caused by alcohol

    May 02, 2011
    Chronic alcoholics suffer from a build up of fat in their liver. When alcohol is metabolized in the liver it churns out free radicals that can damage the power plants in each liver cell known as mitochondria. This prevents them from using sufficient amounts of oxygen to produce energy.