• NAC and Folic Acid lower dangerous homocysteine levels and improve blood vessel function in patients with coronary artery disease

    Feb 08, 2008
    In patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) a high level of homocysteine in the blood is a cause of clogging of the arteries, heart attack and stroke. In this new study 60 patients with CAD were given either inactive placebo, 5 mg of Folic Acid or 600 mg of NAC daily for eight-weeks. The function of blood vessel walls (their ability to open) was measured by highly sensitive ultrasound (high resolution ultrasound).
  • Our acidic diet high in salt is contributing to bone loss, muscle wasting, kidney stones, high blood pressure and stroke

    Feb 07, 2008
    Our typical American diet supplies a lot more salt than we need and a lot less potassium than we need. We also eat a great deal more food that is converted to acids rather than (alkaline) organic-bases. The net result is an increase in the acidity of our body fluids.
  • Review finds Hawthorn Extract can help the heart

    Feb 06, 2008
    Low vitamin E tied to physical decline in the elderly Older adults with low levels of vitamin E are likely to see a steeper deterioration in physical function over a 3-year period than those with higher vitamin E levels, a study shows. Researchers from Yale University School of Medicine studied 698 adults age 65 or older who were randomly selected in Tuscany, Italy. Physical function was assessed using tests of walking speed, standing balance and other physical abilities.
  • Study finds a decrease in deaths caused by heart disease in older men with a high intake of alpha and beta-carotene

    Feb 05, 2008
    Scientists at Wageningen University in The Netherlands examined data on 559 men with an average age of 72 years old who were followed for 15 years. They were free of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer at the beginning of the study. Information on dietary intake collected in 1985, 1990, and 1995 was analyzed for intake levels of carotenoids, vitamin C, tocopherols, and other nutrients.
  • Extracts from green tea may stop the build-up of fatty deposits in the liver

    Feb 04, 2008
    Green tea decreases the absorption of fat from a meal and may decrease the build up of fat in our liver by regulating it. Fatty liver is the build up of excess fat in liver cells. It is normal for your liver to contain some fat but if fat makes up more than 10% of your liver then you have a fatty liver; a condition that is usually symptomless but increases the risk of suffering with liver inflammation (hepatitis).