• Cocoa rich chocolate lowers blood pressure enough on average to decrease the risk of a stroke

    Jul 06, 2007
    In this study 44 adults ages ranging from 56 through 73 with blood pressure ranging from prehypertension (130/85 to 139/89) to stage one hypertension (140/90 to 160/100) were enrolled in an eighteen-week randomized and controlled clinical study. They were supplemented with 6.3g of dark chocolate supplying 30mg of Polyphenols from Cocoa or white chocolate lacking the Polyphenols. The scientists did not know which patient was receiving which chocolate.
  • Stress causes fat cells to grow and multiply

    Jul 05, 2007
    NPY (neuropeptide Y) unlocks dormant receptor sites in fat cells, causing them to grow in size and multiply in number according to scientists at Georgetown University. It turns out that when you are stressed out you release NPY further connecting stress and obesity and this effect is mediated by cortisol; the stress hormone. The result is a metabolic type of syndromeIn the study stressed or unstressed mice were fed a standard diet, or a high-fat, high-sugar comfort food diet.
  • You can be low in Vitamin D even if you have plenty of sun exposure

    Jul 04, 2007
    Well known for its' bone building activity, Vitamin D is gaining prominence for its' many other benefits; it may be critical in helping prevent diabetes, a range of cancers, autoimmune disease, and even the flu. Generally we make our Vitamin D through a reaction between the suns radiation and the cholesterol in our skin. This was thought to create enough Vitamin D to keep us healthy.
  • Cranberry helps eradicate the cancer and ulcer causing bacteria, H. pylori in women.

    Jul 03, 2007
    177 patients with Helicobacter pylori infection were treated with triple therapy (omeprazole, amoxicillin, and clarithromycin or abbreviated OAC) with or without 250ml of Cranberry juice or placebo twice a day for one week and then stayed ion the juice or placebo without the drugs for an additional two weeks. A third group of 712 patients with the infection served as the control group receiving OAC alone for one week. In women on cranberry juice the success rate was 95.2% vs.