• L-Theanine improves the ability to concentrate on the task at hand

    Apr 12, 2007
    Taking L-Theanine has been shown to improve alpha-wave activity in the human brain. Alpha-wave activity is elevated when a person is awake but relaxed (theta-waves are elevated when a person is awake but drowsy, and beta-waves are elevated when you are active but anxious). Previously it has been shown that alpha-wave activity when elevated demonstrates selective attention.
  • The evidence is clear and conclusive; Soy Isoflavones truly help prevent and treat osteoporosis

    Apr 11, 2007
    When you have a scan of your bones it tells you that you have lost bone and that you have developed the bone thinning conditions known as osteoporosis or the milder-earlier version known as osteopenia; bone thinning increases your risk of fracture. However, you cannot tell from the test if the bone loss is occurring now or has occurred previously. To find out if you are currently loosing bone your doctor will look at the level of deoxypyridinolone (Dpyr) in your urine.
  • New research shows that Turmeric decrease inflammation in the joint, cartilage destruction and localized bone destruction

    Apr 10, 2007
    In this newly published study researchers at the Universtiy of Arizona in Tucson injected rats with a chemical that causes inflammation, arthritis, and joint destruction. They then gave Turmeric high in Curcumin via injection to the animals; the researchers state that the amount used would mirror the amount absorbed through oral supplementation from a typical but high-quality supplement. Turmeric high in Curcumin decreased cartilage destruction in the tibia (the large shin bone) by 66%.
  • More evidence that Green Tea blocks breast cancer

    Apr 09, 2007
    Researchers at the University of Leicester in the UK note that tea consumption is associated with a reduced risk of developing breast cancer according to epidemiological studies that are backed up by cellular studies and animal research. In this study the scientists gave mice Green Tea Catechins (GTC) and Black Tea Theaflavins (BTT) in their drinkling water for their lifetime. A group of mice were not given these tea polypohenols.
  • Fish Oil EPA saves lives

    Apr 05, 2007
    In a newly published study from Japan titled the Japan EPA Lipid Intervention Study it was found that adding fish oils to statin drugs increases the level of cardiovascular protection. 18,645 men and women with elevated cholesterol were randomly given a statin drug or a statin drug plus EPA (1800mg) daily for five years. In both groups the LDL-cholesterol had fallen 25% on average.