• Cocoa Polyphenols may reverse blood vessel damage

    Mar 09, 2007
    In a study of 11 male smokers, consuming a dark-Cocoa beverage rich in Flavan-3-ols (cocoa polyphenols) significantly improved their blood vessel function. The scientists from the University of California concluded that regular consumption of the Cocoa Flavanols may have a sustained benefit on blood vessel health and possibly even reverse damage in vessel function. The study is published in the February 2007 issue of the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology.
  • Combining Green Tea Extract with Reishi Mushroom improves the effects on breast cancer cells

    Mar 08, 2007
    Scientists at the Cancer Research Laboratory, Methodist Research Institute in Indianapolis show that either a Green Tea Extract or Reishi Mushroom inhibits the formation of breast cancer cell colonies as well as inhibiting their proliferation. However, adding the two together not only improved the ability of the supplements to fight the cancer, it also increased the variety of mechanisms by which they fight breast cancer. There is a suggested potential use for combining the effects of the mushroom along with Green Tea Extract for suppressing the growth and invasiveness of metastatic breast cancer.
  • Fish as brain food; EPA and DHA improve the volume of gray matter in key regions of the brain

    Mar 07, 2007
    Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have discovered that the EPA and DHA fatty acids derived from fish oils offer a great benefit for the brain; they increase the volume of grey matter in regions of the brain that govern mood and behavior. The results of the study, which included 55 healthy adults, and using high-resolution MRI shows that a high intake of these fatty acids improved the amount of grey matter in the hippocampus, amygdala, and anterior cingulated cortex. The study was just presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society.
  • More support for Vitamin Ds ability to reduce falling in the elderly

    Mar 06, 2007
    Falling among elderly individuals occur frequently and lead to substantial morbidity and mortality.In this new study 124 nursing home residents were given various potencies of Vitamin D (the highest being 800IU) or an inactive placebo. Supplementing these adults with an average age of 89 decreased their risk of falling by 70-percent. The study was performed by scientists from the Institute of Aging and Boston-based Hebrew SeniorLife.
  • Blueberry extract helps diabetics

    Mar 05, 2007
    In a 4-week, randomized placebo-controlled trial, researchers gave forty-two women with type 2 diabetes a high potency, standardized Blueberry Extract or a placebo. The supplement was given 3 times a day 15-30 minutes before meals. The Blueberry Extract reduced fasting blood glucose from 143 to 104 with little change in the placebo group.