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  • Water soluble Garlic ingredients may inhibit liver cancer

    May 05, 2006
    Researchers from the Department of Biology, University of Rome examined the effects of different Garlic ingredients on liver cancer cells. If left alone, the liver cancer cells grew at a tremendous rate; multiplying by 300% in just 48 hours. The fatty soluble Garlic substances that cause the potent odor effects of Garlic had no effect on stopping the growth of the liver cancer; these ingredients usually evaporate quickly.
  • Fish oils aid spine pain

    May 04, 2006
    In this study 125 patients with pain in the spine who were taking NSAIDs (drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen that inhibit inflammation and help with pain) were supplemented with Fish Oil capsules. Two weeks after starting the Fish Oils the patients were asked to discontinue their NSAIDs. Within 4 weeks 59% had stopped using NSAIDs and a larger percentage (some still on NSAIDs) reported greater pain relief using the Fish Oils or by adding the Fish Oils to their NSAIDs.
  • New mechanism of cancer protection found for EGCG - the most important Green Tea Polyphenol

    May 02, 2006
    The chromosome is the component in the cell that contains genetic information and each chromosome contains numerous genes. A chromosome can contain hundreds, even thousands of the genes that form our inherited blueprint. Chromosomes appear in pairs and each human cell has 23 pairs (other than red blood cells); one chromosome per pair obtained from the mother and the other from the father.
  • Olive Fats, high HDL, and Vitamin E may all protect from peripheral vascular disease

    May 01, 2006
    Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) refers to disease of the blood vessels outside of the heart and brain. It often occurs in the blood vessels of the arms and legs and can cause pain when exercising or walking. The blood vessels are partially or completely blocked and the tissues do not get an adequate supply of blood, oxygen, and nutrients.

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