• Cocoa Extract strongly inhibits inflammation causing substrates

    Dec 05, 2005
    Macrophages are a type of large white blood cell that surrounds and kill microorganisms such as bacteria, and also toxins by surrounding them and literally gobbling them up. Macrophages are also involved in inflammation and also with the accumulation of plaque in the arteries. In this study, researchers exposed macrophages to a liquid cocoa extract.
  • Supplements decrease weight gain in obese men and women over a long period

    Dec 02, 2005
    Obesity is becoming an epidemic and accompanying it is a host of obesity related illnesses ranging from diabetes and high blood pressure to an increased risk of cancer. In this study researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer research Center in Seattle and from the Bastyr University Research Institute in Kenmore, Washington examined the supplementation habits in obese individuals taking part in a study of 15,655 total individuals. At the time of determining the outcome the subjects ranged from 53 to 57 years old and weight gain was estimated from the age of 45.
  • Green Tea decreases the risk of breast cancer according to a meta-analysis of studies

    Dec 01, 2005
    Researchers at the Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, analyzed 13 studies on the possible protective effects of Green Tea or Black Tea against breast cancer. The evidence regarding Black Tea was incomplete and confusing. However, the research shows a definite decreased risk in developing breast cancer with Green Tea and those women with the highest intake of Green Tea versus the lowest level of intake had a 22% decreased risk of developing all types of breast cancer.