• More sleep reduces breast cancer risk

    Nov 02, 2005
    An association between greater sleep length and a reduced risk of breast cancer is reported in the October 15 2005 issue of the journal Cancer Research. Researchers in Finland examined data obtained in the Finnish Twin Cohort, which includes over 32,000 twins born before 1958. The current study involved 12,222 female participants.
  • A combination of Rhodiola with Astragalus may protect the brain from a lack of oxygen

    Nov 01, 2005
    Rats were split into 3 groups, the first group was the control group where brain oxygen was maintained at normal, the second and third group had their oxygen supply decreased in a hypobaric chamber for 7 hours. The third group was supplemented with both Rhodiola and Astragalus before their oxygen was depleted. In the group that had the oxygen depleted there was a much greater water content in their brain, whereas the water content in the brain of the herb supplemented group was much less elevated.