• Unique Study Shows the Protective Power of Green Tea

    Jan 05, 2005
    Human tissues are stored using cryopreservation - they are frozen at very cold temperatures over a long storage term. These tissues have many uses including allotransplantation: the use of donor tissues for plastic or reconstructive surgery. However, living tissues suffer a variety of injuries when frozen.
  • Butter and Walnuts Increase Vascular Inflammation, Olive Oil Doesn't

    Jan 04, 2005
    A monocyte is a large immune system cell that patrols the blood stream for invading bacteria. Monocytes and other immune system cells often work by releasing chemical messengers that trigger immune system activity and the release of oxidizing chemical agents. This is a desirable activity useful for protecting us from cancer and infection, however when the process is out of control and these immune system -chemical warfare agents are constantly released it can lead to cell damage and disease because of the resultant chronic inflammation.
  • Combination of Vitamin C and Milk Thistle Protects the Liver from Lead Toxicity

    Jan 03, 2005
    Male albino rats were split into 3 groups: the first group received nothing (the control group), the second group received lead acetate, and the third group received lead acetate along with vitamin C and Silymarin, the active polyphenolic blend in Milk Thistle. As predicted lead raised liver enzymes, caused damage to, clogging of, and inflammation in the blood vessels leading to and within the liver, and caused interface hepatitis. Fibrous infiltration of the liver was also seen.