The Mineral Magnesium may reduce your risk of colon cancer in overweight people

August 15, 2012

Magnesium is a mineral needed for hundreds of important functions in the body. Lacking magnesium is consistently tied to an increase in the risk of developing diabetes, to stroke risk and high blood pressure. Magnesium is needed for healthy brain function, normal sleeping patterns, vision, muscle and nerve function, and healthy bones.

In this new case control study doctors from Imperial College in London and Wageningen University in the Netherlands compared data from 768 patients with colon polyps to that of 709 polyp free adults. In a meta-analysis they also pooled and analyzed data from three colorectal polyp studies and six colorectal cancer studies. 

In their new case controlled study for every 100mg of magnesium consumed the risk of adenoma (polyp) decreased by 19% in overweight people over the age of 55. In the more comprehensive meta-analysis every 100mg increase in the intake of magnesium resulted in an additional 13 percent drop in the risk of developing a polyp and a 12 percent drop in the risk of developing colorectal cancer. The study is published online ahead of print in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.