Green Tea

August 05, 2013

Analysis of six studies demonstrates Green Tea’s ovarian cancer fighting activity

     A Chinese research team from the Oncology Department at Zhengzhou University First Affiliated Hospital reviewed 6 case-control studies evaluating the effects of green tea on ovarian cancer. All told 9113 people were evaluated, 3,842 with ovarian cancer and 5,271 without. Drinking green tea significantly cut the risk of developing ovarian cancer. The study is published online July 15th, 2013 in the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health.

Ingredients in Green Tea and Black Raspberries block the formation of oral squamous cell carcinoma in human studies

     Investigators from Milan State University have examined the connection of plant ingredients in relation to human cancer prevention. There is a high level of good evidence that EGCG from Green Tea blocks the development of oral cancer in humans. The findings are published in the July 8th, 2013 issue of the journal Nutrients. Other findings are that flavonoids known as anthocyanins found in black raspberries also block the process.