Green Tea helps burn fat and decreases waist size

November 15, 2012

According to the International Diabetes Federation the worldwide definition of metabolic syndrome is a cluster of the most dangerous heart attack risk factors: diabetes and prediabetes, abdominal obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. In this study 45 elderly hospital patients diagnosed with metabolic syndrome using criteria from the International Diabetes Federation consumed green tea in addition to their current diet or they received no green tea. The researchers from the Geriatrics and Gerontology Institute, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, instructed the green tea using patients to have 3 cups of concentrated green tea per day, and in the second group, the non-green tea group, they were instructed not to change their lifestyle. The study period was for 60 days. The Green Tea users lost about 3 pounds and an inch on their waistline and all of this was judged to be fat. There was no change in the other group. The study is published in The Journal of Nutrition Health and Aging, 2012;16(9).