Pomegranate Fruit Extract merits research for preventing human lung cancer

April 02, 2007

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison show that Pomegranate Fruit Extract has anti-lung cancer benefits. In two separate groups of mice, two different noxious chemicals were used to induce cancerous lung tumors. Then Pomegranate Fruit Extract (PFE) was given to groups of these mice in their drinking water. On the 84th day and 140th day, and 249th day after treatment with the deadly chemicals the mice were examined. Mice supplemented with PFE had statistically significantly fewer lung tumors than the non-supplemented mice. They had 62% fewer lung tumors or 66% fewer lung tumors depending on the chemical they were exposed to. The PFE worked in many ways and at many steps to stymie the cancer process. The study is published in the March 27th, 2007 issue of the journal Cancer Research.

Cocoa clearly improves blood flow hemodynamics and function of the arteries

In a six-week trial, healthy adults were given 8 ounces of cocoa, 8 ounces of cocoa with sugar, or placebo each day. The scientists from Yale University?s Yale Prevention Center used high-frequency ultrasound after each serving to check blood flow progress. The results were clear; improved blood flow resulted from both cocoas but was better in the sugar-free cocoa. This could improve or help prevent high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. The paper was presented recently at the annual American College of Cardiology scientific meeting in New Orleans.