Perna Canaliculus Extract aids patients with osteoarthritis of the hip and knee

Mar 29, 2005

In this study 60 patients from different centers with painful osteoarthritis of the hip or knee were given a Perna Canaliculus (New Zealand green lipped muscle) regimen twice a day and were assessed at 4 and again at 8 weeks: the end of the study. Perna Canaliculus significantly improved the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis as determined by all measures. At 4 weeks, 53% of the patients experienced significant pain relief and improvement of joint function, and at 8 weeks the figure rose to 80% of all patients. The study was published in the June 2003 issue of the journal Allergy and Immunology.

Perna Canaliculus alleviates signs of arthritis in dogs

The study was to assess the ability of Perna Canaliculus (green lipped mussel) to alleviate the signs of arthritis in dogs. 31 Mixed breed dogs with arthritis were given either dried chow, or dried chow with Perna added to it in a random, double-blind study. The degree of arthritis was evaluated according to the degree of pain in a joint, amount of swelling, crepitus (e.g. the grinding noise of the joint), and its range of motion. After the end of the study (six weeks total) there was a significant decrease in total arthritis score in the Perna-chow group of digs. There were significant improvements in joint pain, joint swelling, in the Perna-chow group vs. the control group (chow only). These findings provide strong evidence that Perna Canaliculus can help alleviate arthritis symptoms in pets. The study is published in the winter 2003 issue of the journal Veterinary Therapeutics.

Perilla Frutescens Extract inhibits seasonal allergic rhinoconjunctivitis in humans

In this 21 day, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial, patients with seasonal allergies that cause symptoms in the eyes and nose were given either 200mg a day of Perilla frutescens extract, or 50mg a day, or a placebo. The patients were given blood tests, and nasal secretion samples were examined during the study and patients recorded their symptoms daily in a diary. The Perilla Frutescens significantly decreased the level of symptoms including itchy nose, watery or itchy eyes, and total symptoms. The nasal lavage fluid of the patients on Perilla Frutescens had far fewer allergy associated cells (neutrophils and eosinophils).The study was published in the March 2004 issue of the journal Experimental Biology and Medicine.