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InVite® Health’s Periodental® line of oral health products offers immune and tissue support to improve the health and strength of the gums, mucosa, teeth and oral cavities. Free of Alcohol, Sugar, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Benzoate and Parabens.

Poor oral hygiene is often linked to poor overall health. The mouth is a common place for bacteria to thrive, which can have a harmful impact on your health along with causing bad breath, cavities and tooth decay. InVite®’s PerioDental® formulas are an excellent addition to your brushing and flossing routine: the herbs and nutrients in our PerioDental® products are instrumental in maintaining good oral hygiene, freshening breath, and nutritionally supporting the health of the gums.

PerioDental® Products


PerioDental® Green Tea Rinse & Mouthwash contains various antioxidant components that support oral health, including Green Tea, Folic Acid and Bilberry to benefit gum health and support mouth and throat mucosa. Myrrh, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera provide great support for the immune system.

PerioDental® Gum Spray supplies concentrated, yet soothing, nutritional ingredients like Grape Seed Extract, Clove Oil, Aloe Vera and Glutathione for long-lasting fresh breath, as well as healthy teeth and gums. This refreshing spray supports oral tissue, helps balance bacteria in the mouth, reduces irritation due to poor oral hygiene, and provides great antioxidant support with natural herbs and plant extracts.

For whiter, brighter teeth, try our PerioDental® White TEAth Gel, which helps whiten teeth and provides the antioxidant power of White Tea Extract, CoQ10, Zinc and Vitamin C, to relieve bleeding gums and promote wound healing.

The PerioDental® Lozenge offers a sugar-free dissolvable mouth drop consisting of lubricating oral soothers. If you are looking for a healthy mouth, teeth, gum and throat support, this product offers it all in a tasty grape lozenge with antioxidants Grape Seed, Ascorbyl Palmitate and Glutathione.

Try our effective PerioDental® products to boost your oral and overall health. For great discounts, a superb assortment of top-grade nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements, and access to our professional nutritionists, look no further – great health starts right here at InVite® Health. To ask a question or to purchase your PerioDental® products, call us today at (800) 632-0541 or click here to find a store near you!

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  • PerioDental® White TEAth Gel

    PerioDental® White TEAth Gel

    Persistent unhealthy bacteria has a tendency to build plaque on your teeth, which leads to dental caries, a bad taste in your mouth, and unpleasant breath. Proper dental hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing, can ... More Info
  • Non-Gmo PerioDental® Lozenge

    PerioDental® Lozenge

    Herbal, Vitamin, Mineral, Antioxidant Supplement Our PerioDental® Lozenge offers a sugar-free, easily dissolvable mouth drop consisting of lubricating oral soothers. If you are looking for healthy mouth, teeth, gum and ... More Info
  • Periodental Complete Program

    Periodental Complete Program

    Poor oral hygiene is often linked to poor overall health. The bacteria that thrive in the mouth can cause a variety of problems all over the body. The herbs and nutrients in our PerioDental® oral health products are instrumental ... More Info
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