More support for Alpha-Lipoic Acids ability to improve diabetic neuropathy

June 11, 2007

NAC important in worsening obstructive lung disease

In this study 123 patients with acute exacerbation (drastic-sudden worsening of symptoms) of their chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) were placed on NAC 600mg or NAC 1200mg once a day, or inactive placebo for 10 days. The study was double-blinded, double-dummy, randomized and of course placebo controlled; the gold standard for research.

In these attacks a protein is released into the bloodstream known as CRP; this is a measure of the amount of inflammation and severity of attack. IL-8, is an inflammatory component of the immune system that is released into the blood stream causing worsening of symptoms. NAC 600mg normalized the level of CRP in 52% of the patients, and NAC 1200mg normalized CRP levels in 90% of the patients whereas only 19% of the patients on placebo achieved normal levels of CRP. NAC 1200mg was also superior in reducing the level of IL-8 and improving expectoration over 600mg and of course over placebo.

Both 600mg and 1200mg of NAC improved lung function, reduced cough intensity, and the sound of the lungs when listened with a stethoscope.

Conclusion; Treatment with NAC improved inflammatory-clinical markers and lung function in patients with acute worsening of COPD. The study is published in the journal Clinical Drug Investigation, 2005;25(6).

Multiple pathogenic pathways are involved with the development of diabetic neuropathy and diverse allopathic treatments have been tried without success. Patients were treated with injectable Alpha-Lipoic Acid 600mg a day for 14 days; in this short time the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy such as pain improved. The study is published in the May 8th, 2007 issue of the journal Diabetic Medication.