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InVite Health

Masculine Hx®

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Masculine Hx®

As men age, their bodies gain a tendency to lose testosterone. One common occurrence is that naturally, testosterone converts faster into estrogen. This may be a normal part of a man’s aging process; however, it leads to a decrease in the availability of free testosterone in the body. These heightened estrogen levels tend to be higher in men with larger amounts of belly fat. Masculine Hx® supplements from InVite Health can be an excellent aid for maintaining healthy testosterone levels and proper function throughout aging.  Each capsule of Masculine Hx® contains 750mg of Chrysin.  Chrysin is a flavonoid found in plants that supports testosterone-related functions in older men. It accomplished this by inhibiting its conversion to estrogen via the aromatase inhibition pathway. Chrysin is also an excellent extract for reducing stress, agitation and anxiousness. The second active ingredient in Masculine Hx® is an extract of the Black Pepper plant known as Bioperine piperine. 7mg of this extract greatly improves the absorption of Chrysin into the body, and it helps boost overall circulation as well. It also prevents the premature shunting of testosterone into estrogen.

For best results, know your blood hormone levels (testosterone and estradiol). Masculine Hx® can be combined with other supplements as part of as nutritional protocol for healthy testosterone throughout the aging process. This product may combine well with Prostate Hx®, DHEA, Men’s Edge, Client 9 and testosterone Boosters.* None of our products contain testosterone.

Consult our Nutritionists and Naturopathic Doctors for more information on how to combine the right nutritional protocol for your personal needs.

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Masculine Hx®

As men age, their bodies gain a tendency to lose testosterone.

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