Maitake Mushroom Polysaccharide stimulates immune cells that help fight infection and cancer

Jul 26, 2005

Activated natural killer (NK) cells attack and help destroy infectious bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. NK cells that are activated by a particular immune system messenger known as IL-12 have been reported to recognize and kill tumor cells. The polysaccharide derived from the Maitake Mushroom activates immune system attack cells such as macrophages and T cells and inhibits the growth of tumor cells. In the present study, researchers administered Maitake Mushroom Polysaccharide to mice with mammary tumors (their version of breast cancer) for 3 consecutive days. The Maitake Mushroom significantly improved the ability of NK cells to destroy their target tumor cells by improving their cell destroying ability. The levels and ability of IL-12 to stimulate NK cell activity also increased. The study appears in the March 2005 issue of Oncology Reports.

Testosterone patch improves sexual desire and satisfaction in women with hysterectomies

318 women, aged 24 to 70, who had total hysterectomies were placed on testosterone patches of various potencies or a fake patch (placebo) for 24 weeks - the study was double-blinded. Many women with hysterectomies report low sex drive and decreased satisfaction. The women on the testosterone patch had significantly improved sexual desire and frequency improved from 3 times a month to 5 times. They also had significantly improved satisfaction. The best working dosage in this study was 300mcg of testosterone. There was no difference in the incidence of acne and hirsutism between the different groups. the study is reported in the July 25th, 2005 issue of the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.