Long-term Beta-Carotene supplementation truly protects the memory and brain power

November 14, 2007

In this new study, Harvard researchers looked at the long-term effects of Beta-Carotene supplementation on brain function in 5956 men over a 1-year or 18-year period in the Physicians' Health Study II. The men were randomly given placebo or 50mg Beta-Carotene (83,333 IU Vitamin A activity from 50mg Beta-Carotene) on alternate days. In interviewing the men at the close of the Beta-Carotene study, all of whom were over the age of 65 it was found that using Beta-Carotene for a short term would not be enough time to show memory protection. However, in men using Beta-Carotene supplementation every other day for 18 years the level of cognitive function was much higher in the Beta-Carotene group than in the placebo. Verbal memory, general cognitive function, verbal memory, and fluency in various categories were all better in the men supplemented with Beta-Carotene. The message is that Beta-Carotene helps protect your brain from aging. The study is published in the November 12th, 2007 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.