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InVite® Health's Online Nutritional Library

Nutritional Library

InVite® Health’s online nutritional library provides you with a variety of informative health and nutrition material. Browse through our articles, radio studies, blog entries and more so you’re fully educated on our nutritional products, along with the latest updates in health research and news.

ARTICLES: InVite®’s team of nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, and pharmacists share their knowledge with a variety of nutrition and health articles, which focus on everything from heart health to weight management and skin care. Learn more about our nutritionists by clicking here!

RADIO STUDIES: Our popular radio programs are broadcasted nationwide. We document all of our radio shows online with the latest groundbreaking research from peer-reviewed journals in health and nutrition. Click here to read our radio studies..

BLOG: The InVite® Health Blog is updated every day with breaking health news, nutrition tips, the latest industry research, and much more. Check out our blog for a great variety of health topics and information and share your favorite articles on all social media platforms with your friends and family to spread some important health and wellness knowledge!

RESEARCH STUDIES: Our collection of Independent Research Studies educates you on the science behind your favorite vitamins and supplements. These selected research studies help us to substantiate our products and help you better understand how nutritional supplementation works, as well as which products will benefit you the most.

INFORMATIVE VIDEOS: Check out our Informative Health & Wellness Videos for an in-depth look at your favorite InVite products from our Scientific Director, Jerry Hickey, R.Ph. InVite®'s Health & Wellness videos feature our most popular products and provide information about our formulas, how the ingredients work, and what health conditions can benefit from a particular product.


CATALOG: Browse our line of nutritional products in our online catalog, learn more about our top-notch vitamins and supplements, and make your purchase online. Please contact us at (800) 632-0541 with any questions or concerns, or click here to find a store near you!