L-Carnitine reduces inflammation in dialysis patients

October 12, 2010

     Thirty-six patients who were on kidney hemodialysis were supplemented with 1000mg of L-Carnitine daily for 12 weeks or some received no L-Carnitine. These  patients had elevated Lipoprotein (a); a common finding in patients with kidney damage. In some Lipoprotein (a) is involved with vascular inflammation and causes heart disease and contributes to heart attack risk. They also had generalized inflammation.

     L-Carnitine lowered C-reactive protein, a proxy for inflammation by 29% on average, and lowered IL-6 by 61% on average; IL-6 is an immune system messenger that when inappropriately elevated triggers inflammation. L-Carnitine at 1000mg a day did not change the actual level of Lipoprotein (a) but . The study is published on line ahead of print in the August 31st, 2010 edition of the journal Hemodialysis International.