Kidney Disease Tied to Decreasing Mental Function

Feb 04, 2005

In this study 1,015 women under the age of 80 with already existing coronary artery disease were evaluated for any connection between decreased kidney function and mental impairment. It's well known that menopausal women on dialysis have poorer mental function but it was not understood how worsening kidney function that did not yet require dialysis would affect the brain. The women were split into groups based on the ability of the kidneys to do their job. The women were given 6 different cognitive tests. The women with worsening kidney function did worse on global cognition, executive function, language, and memory. The study is published in the January 2005 issue of the American Journal of Kidney Diseases.

Pre-Hypertension may be a New Category for Stroke Risk /p>

In this study of over 44,000 men and over 36,000 women it was found that having blood pressure consistently measured in the pre-hypertension category (systole - the top reading between 120 and 139, diastole - the bottom reading between 80 to 89) had double the risk of stroke than people with lower blood pressure. The study was performed at the Medical University of South Carolina and was presented at the recent American Stroke Association's International Stroke Conference held in Charleston.