In an animal study Flaxseed and Flaxseed oildecrease the risk of colon cancer

April 08, 2009

New research from South Dakota State University shows that Flaxseed may decrease the risk of colorectal cancers. Distinguished Professor C. Dwivedi, head of the University’s Pharmaceutical Sciences and associates conducted the study on a special strain of mouse that dependably develops colon cancer due to gene mutations. This strain of mouse is developed to investigate the effects of cancer preventive agents on people who are genetically predisposed to colon cancer. The results show that animals that received Flaxseed meal and Flaxseed oil in their diets had 45% fewer tumors in their small intestine and colon compared to non-supplemented animals. The tumors in the Flaxseed group besides being few were also very small in size compared to those growing in non-supplemented animals. The study is published in the February 2009 issue of the journal Nutrition and Cancer.