Green Teas strongest polyphenol - EGCG stops cervical cancer cell growth

May 31, 2005

Cervical adenocarcinoma tissue was treated with EGCG, Green teas most important polyphenol. EGCG disrupted the cancer cells cycle decreasing the reproduction of new cancer cells and induced the cancer cells to die. The researchers state that EGCG may be effectve treatment for adenocarcinoma according to their research. the study is published in the May 17th, 2005 issue of Cancer Letters.

Higher consumption of Green Tea helps decrease the risk of breast cancer and breast cancer recurrence.

The risk of developing breast cancer for the highest levels of Green tea consumtion in cohort studies was a decrease of 11% ( a cohort study compares two large groups similar in age, gender, etc. and makes no changes in lifestyle, diet, or daily habits). Cohort studies are not very dependable because of the many variables. However, in case control studies (where patients who have developed a disease are compared to those without) the risk of developing breast cancer was decreased by 56% with the highest Green Tea intake. The risk of recurrence of breast cancer decreased by 25% in all stages of cancer when all of the study results were pooled. However, women in stage I or II of breast cancer (early stages of the disease) had on average a 44% decreased risk of recurrence. Higher serving levels were five or more cups per day. The research analysis was conducted at the University of Toronto and is published in the June 2005 issue of the journal Integrative Cancer Therapies.