Green Tea Extract strongly protects the circulatory system

August 28, 2008

     Several epidemiological studies support the view that Green Tea or flavonoids reduce the risk of cardiovascular heart disease. This study was undertaken to determine the short-to medium-term effect of a green tea extract on vascular function and lipid peroxidation as compared with placebo.
     In the study 14 healthy women, none of whom were receiving any medical treatment had their circulation checked after the use of either a Green Tea Extract or inactive placebo over a five week period. Green Tea improved the ability of the arteries to open or relax significantly improving blood flow. Also, the consumption of the Green Tea Extract triggered a significant 37.4% reduction in the concentration of oxidized LDL demonstrating a powerful and important protective antioxidant effect for the circulatory system. The study appears in the April 2008 issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.