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Green Tea again protects from the flu

Jan 14, 2015

Green Tea again protects from the flu

     Health authorities in France investigated what decreased or increased the incidence of the flu over the seasons 2010-2011. Pre- and post-epidemic blood samples were collected for all 1121 subjects, and nasal swabs were obtained in all subjects from households where an influenza-like illness was reported.

A history of asthma strongly increased the risk of developing the flu by over double. If people in the household covered their noses when sneezing or covered their mouths when coughing it lowered transmission fairly robustly for each. Green Tea was a winner. People who drank green tea at least twice a week had a 61% lowered risk of developing the flu. 

The researchers are from INSERM, the Institut Pierre Louis d'Epidémiologie et de Santé Publique, in Paris, and the Sorbonne. They published their work in the journal Influenza and Other Resppiratory Diseases online ahead of print December 13th, 2014.