Folic Acid supplements reduce the risk of stroke

June 04, 2007

Study confirms that Flaxseed inhibits the growth of prostate cancer

Researchers at Duke University Medical Center split men into 4 groups. One group was supplemented with 30 grams of ground flaxseed each day, the second group was also but they were additionally placed on a low fat diet. The third group was placed on a low fat diet only without flaxseed, and the last group served as the control group without a special diet and no flaxseed. Each group consisted of about 40 men and all the men had prostate cancer and were scheduled for surgery to treat their cancer. They followed their respective protocol for about 30 days. The scientists state that both groups with flaxseed had a slowing of the growth of their prostate cancer. It is the flaxseed and not the low fat diet that primarily offered the protective benefit. The study was presented this Saturday in Chicago at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
Researchers analyzed the data from 8 randomized clinical trials that looked into a link between the B-complex vitamin Folic Acid and protection from a stroke. People who regularly took a supplement of Folic Acid had a drop in their risk of stroke and if they took Folic cid regularly for 3 years or more their risk dropped by 30%. The study appears in the June 2nd, 2007 issue of the medical journal the Lancet.