Evidence that Green Tea prevents advanced prostate cancer

October 10, 2007

Environmental factors such as diet may play a major role in prostate cancer occurrence. The incidence of prostate cancer is much lower in Asian than in Western populations. In the Japan Public Health Center study 49,920 men aged 40-69 years were followed from the early 1990s until the end of 2004. It was found that men who drank 5 or more cups of Green Tea each day had a 48% reduction in the risk of developing advanced prostate cancer compared to men who drank less than 1 cup per day. The study is published in the September 29th, 2007 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Adding NAC to ear drops helps clear up persistent ear infections

The patients in this study had persistent ear infections with discharge from the ear continuously for at least one month despite at least 3 distinct medical or surgical treatments. In fact the patients suffered an average of 18.4 months with continuous infection/ear discharge despite aggressive treatment. The seven patients were placed on ear drops that contained an antibiotic as well as a steroidal anti-inflammatory agent augmented with either 0.5% or 2% NAC. Using the ear drops with the addition of NAC cleared up 6 of the 7 patients within 4-weeks. The seventh patient did not consistently use the ear drop so treatment failed because of lack of compliance. The study performed at the California Ear Institute in Palo Alto is published in the September 24th issue of the journal Otology and Neurotology; otology and neurotology are specialties dealing in great depth with problems of the ear that affect hearing, balance and facial nerves.