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Probiotic Maintain




Dr Pressman

Probiotic Maintain

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Probiotic Maintain

Probiotic Maintain is source of beneficial bacteria normally found in the digestive system. It is different from other probiotic formulas because it contains 8 different strains of microorganisms totaling 5 billion per capsule, and FOS (fructooligosaccharides). Probiotic Maintain is intended to help support proper balance of intestinal flora, thereby supporting G.I. tract health and regularity.*

The G.I. tract is the body’s gateway to health. It houses more than 400 species of naturally-occurring microorganisms that support the process of digestion and the absorption of essential nutrients, synthesize vitamins, and metabolize harmful substances. The probiotics in Probiotic Maintain support the proliferation of helpful bacteria, and support the body’s ability to produce substances that can combat invading microorganisms. Probiotic Maintain supports the body’s ability to restore own natural defense against invading pathogens, supports digestion and absorption and supports removal of waste products from the G.I. tract.

Probiotic Maintain contains Fructooligosaccharides, (FOS) a soluble fiber and pre-biotic. FOS support the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestinal tract, which supports the displacement of the more harmful bacteria and therefore supports the normal balance of microflora. FOS also supports the removal of waste from the intestines.

Probiotic Maintain offers a complete spectrum of microorganisms to span the G.I. tract. Each of the eight species of bacteria is specifically selected to support digestive health, including nutrient absorption and normal elimination. Five billion CFUs per capsule ensure that the amount of active, beneficial microorganisms will support the body’s ability to cope with intestinal stress.*

Benefits of Probiotic Maintain:
• Supports gastrointestinal health
• Supports nutrient absorption and elimination
• Supports immune system function
• Supports the growth of beneficial bacteria

Probiotic Maintain is a combination of extensively researched microorganism strains to assure the best quality of support. This blend offers comprehensive support for gastrointestinal health and function.

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Probiotic Maintain

Probiotic Maintain is source of beneficial bacteria normally found in the digestive system.

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