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Dr Pressman

CNS Protocol II

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CNS Protocol II

CNS Protocol II is a high quality blend of herbals and amino acids to support stress management and restful sleep, thereby supporting healthy brain and central nervous system function.* 

Anxiety, stress and panic increase adrenaline in the body. Because adrenaline is the flight or fight hormone, over time it can cause changes in blood pressure, free radical damage, increased heart rates and an inability to effectively adapt to new stressors. A high state of excitability such as this can also disrupt normal sleep patterns. 

CNS Protocol II contains herbals to support quality REM sleep and relaxation.* Appropriate relaxation and sufficient REM sleep can help the body cope with stress. CNS Protocol II contains valerian to support proper circulation, muscle function and stress coping mechanisms throughout the body.* The inclusion of passionflower supports a natural calming effect, while hops helps reduce restlessness.* 

CNS Protocol II provides several forms of vitamin B. B vitamins support the body’s ability to cope with stress and promote a restful state.* Most importantly, B vitamins support nervous system function and neurotransmitter hormone function.* Specifically, niacin supports normal serotonin levels and circulation, and GABA supports brain function and a calming effect.* Inositol supports REM sleep, and the addition of vitamin B6 is meant to support the production of the amino acids GABA and taurine within the body.* 

The inclusion of amino acids in this formula makes CNS Protocol II a unique choice for neurological support.* Taurine exists in high concentrations in the central nervous system, blood cells, muscles and heart, meaning supplementation supports a protective effect on these important bodily systems.* Glycine and GABA also offer support for central nervous system function.* 

CNS Protocol II also includes vitamins C and E to act as antioxidants and support the immune system.* Vitamin C helps to support normal levels of adrenaline, which helps the body deal with stress, while Vitamin E supports oxygen utilization in the brain, thereby supporting central nervous system function.* 

Minerals in CNS Protocol II support relaxation and antioxidant protection.* Calcium, magnesium and selenium deficiencies can result in abnormal nervousness or anxiety.* 

CNS Protocol II is formulated to support total neurological health through supporting the body’s ability to cope with stress and maintain restful sleep cycles.* 

• Supports quality REM sleep*
• Supports overall neurological health *
• Supports the body’s ability to cope with stress*
• Supports normal adrenaline levels*
• Supports central nervous system function* 

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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CNS Protocol II

CNS Protocol II is a high quality blend of herbals and

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