Cranberries may aid clearance of excessive cholesterol in circulation

October 12, 2005

Cranberries inhibit LDL oxidation and induce LDL receptor expression in hepatocytes.

Y.F. Chu and R.H. Liu of Cornell University reported, "Cranberry extracts were found to have potent antioxidant capacity preventing in vitro LDL oxidation with increasing delay and suppression of LDL oxidation in a dose-dependant manner. The antioxidant capacity of 100g cranberries against LDL oxidation was equivalent to 1000mg of Vitamin c or 3700mg of Vitamin E.

The authors concluded, "We propose that additive or synergistic effects of phytochemicals in cranberries are responsible for the inhibition of LDL oxidation?"

This study is published in Life Sciences. Life Sci, 2005;77(15):1892-901.