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Consuming Green Tea cuts the risk of developing endometrial cancer (endometrioid adenocarcinoma)

Dec 26, 2008

Researchers at the Division of Gynecology, Department of Reproductive and Developmental Medicine at Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine investigated the association between green tea consumption and reducing the risk of endometrial cancer restricted to endometrial endometrioid adenocarcinoma (EEA) using a case-control design in Japan.
There were 152 cases of histopathologically diagnosed EEA, and the number of people used for comparisons sake as healthy controls numbered 285 women who were matched for age and area of residence with each individual case of cancer.

The researchers observed a significant inverse association between green tea consumption and the risk of EEA with a dose-response relationship; in other words the greater the amount of Green Tea consumed on a daily basis the lower the risk of developing endometrial cancer. For women who drank 5-6 cups of green tea spread over the week there was a 33 % drop in endometrial cancer risk. For women who consumed 2 to 3 cups of green tea every day there was a 39 % drop in the risk of the cancer, and in women who consumed 4 or more cups every day there was a 67% drop in the risk of developing the cancer. This inverse association was real and was consistently observed regardless of the presence or absence of factors such as obesity and menopause. The study is published in the December 9th, 2008 issue of the journal Cancer Causes Control.