Combining Green Tea with Fish Oils improves their anti-Alzheimer’s activity

February 05, 2010

        Scientists at the University Of South Florida College Of Medicine tested the ability of Green Tea’s most valuable antioxidant EGCG in combination Fish Oils to inhibit the onset of Alzheimer’s. This is because EGCG makes the dangerous protein that sets in the Alzheimer’s diseased brain more soluble through the activity of an enzyme known as alpha-secretase; however, the amount needed to benefit a human would be very large. Fish Oils have been shown to reduce the risk of dementia.
     EGCG and Fish Oils were supplemented to mice that dependably develop Alzheimer’s disease at an early age. The supplements were also applied to cells used in Alzheimer’s research (N2a cell line). Fish oil improved the utility of EGCG and improved the activity against the Alzheimer’s protein (Abeta) compared to Fish Oils or EGCG alone. The study is published online ahead of print in the January 22nd 2010 issue of the journal Neuroscience Letters.