Combining Fish Oil and EGCG from Green Tea may offer significant protection from developing colon cancer

September 06, 2007

APC Min mice have been bred to develop colon cancer so that various drugs and diets can be efficiently and dependably tested to measure their protective or therapeutic ability. APC Min mice have a mutation in the same gene as humans who inherit a large risk of developing colon cancer. Like humans that have a family trait for developing colon cancer, these mice develop large numbers of intestinal tumors at an early age.

In this study APC Min mice were placed on a high-fat diet. If the mice were given a combination of EGCG from Green Tea along with Fish Oil fatty acids for a nine week period there was a 53% drop in the number of tumors compared to mice on the same diet but without supplementation. Death of the tumor cells increased dramatically when the two supplements were combined. The amount of Fish Oil and EGCG used in the study is readily achievable through supplementation. The study is published in the August 16th, 2007 issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.