Colostrum helps prevent suppression of the immune system that would commonly be seen with exercise

July 14, 2010

    When you exercise subtle changes occur that temporarily but significantly impact immune system function increasing your risk for upper respiratory tract infection (flu, cold, etc.). In this study healthy-active men were randomly assigned placebo (sham treatment) or a Colostrum supplement daily for four weeks. After this time all participants cycled at 64% of their maximal oxygen intake for two hours. In those on Colostrum neutrophil function remained robust. Neutrophils are the most abundant phagocytic white blood cell capable of engulfing and dissolving bacteria and other microbes. Colostrum also maintained the level of lysozyme enzymes in their saliva – these enzymes digest bacteria. The study was small but the results are clear; Colostrum protects the immune system during/after exercise. The research was performed at the Department of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Aberystwyth and it is published in the British Journal of Nutrition.